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By C. S. Gurel and E. Yazgan

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In this study, annular-ring microstrip patch on uniaxial medium is analysed in Hankel Transform Domain. Equivalent models of the structure are obtained depending on the TE and TM mode decomposition in this domain. For the simplification of the tensor form formulations, equivalent matrix operators are defined in cylindrical coordinates instead of the differential ones. Then, resonant characteristics of the structure is determined via the application of the moment method and compared with the isotropic case for different anisotropy ratio values and structural parameters. Equivalent circuit models for the case of multilayered substrates and superstrates are given in order to be used in the following studies on annular-ring microstrip patch.

C. S. Gurel and E. Yazgan, "Analysis of Annular Ring Microstrip Patch on Uniaxial Medium via Hankel Transform Domain Immittance Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 11, 37-52, 2010.

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