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By F. Khalil, H. Aubert, F. Coccetti, P. Lorenz, and R. Plana

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Full-wave electromagnetic solver based on the Transmission Line Matrix Method has been deployed on Grid test-bed. This Grid-based electromagnetic approach exploits the availability of computing node at disposal through the Grid to face the demand of arbitrary large simulations by allocating a corresponding amount of resources hence minimizing the overall elapse time. In order to highlight the benefits of using computing Grids in electromagnetic simulations, a parametric study of planar reflectarray antennas based on microstrip technology has been carried out. The efficiency of distributed computing when a very large number of computation units (nodes) are involved in the computation of large and non-uniform reflectarray antennas is reported.

F. Khalil, H. Aubert, F. Coccetti, P. Lorenz, and R. Plana, "Grid- based global electromagnetic simulation tool for parametric distributed analysis of array antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 10, 1-12, 2009.

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