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By H. Benzina, H. Sakli, T. Aguili, and J. Tao

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In microwaves, ferrites are characterized by a tensorial permeability which represents their anisotropy under a constant magnetic field. We present, in this article, a rigorous study of the formulation of the transverse operator method (TOM) with an extension to the case of the guides of rectangular waves partially charged with longitudinally magnetized ferrite. We show the existence of the complex modes in these types of structures with ferrite. A good agreement of the constant of propagation with the literature is obtained.

H. Benzina, H. Sakli, T. Aguili, and J. Tao, "Complex Mode in Rectangular Waveguide Filled with Longitudinally Magnetized Ferrite Slab," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 11, 79-87, 2010.

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