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By X.-Y. Huo and Y.-Z. Lei

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In this paper, a new method for calculating transient electromagnetic responses of AC/DC power system with external electromagnetic pulse interference is proposed. An input-output model of three-phase bridge rectifier is presented for the transient calculation. In order to study the effect of the external electromagnetic pulse on the system, the field-to-line coupling model is introduced, and finite-difference time-domain method is adopted. Thus, the modeling method utilizes the analysis methods of the electric circuits and electromagnetic fields synthetically to deal with the coupled field-circuit problems. The model and algorithm are validated by comparing the calculation results with the experiment ones. Finally, the effects of some circuit parameters on transient responses are discussed. The method proposed in this paper lays the foundation for further researches on the transient electromagnetic performance of independent electrical power systems containing power electronics.

X.-Y. Huo and Y.-Z. Lei, "A New Method for Calculating Transient Electromagnetic Responses of AC/DC Power System with External Electromagnetic Pulse Interference," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 13, 245-260, 2010.

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