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Time-Delay-Based Multi-Target Detection and Power Delivering

By Xuan-Ming Zhong, Cheng Liao, and Wenbin Lin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 19, 25-38, 2011


The paper presents an approach to locate and concentrate electromagnetic energy on targets based on time delays. An array of antennas is used in the approach, in which one antenna sends ultra-wide-band signals, and all antennas receive the signals backscattered by the targets. The time delays can be obtained by the interrelation of the transmitted and received signals. By controlling the timing of the pulses radiated from the individual antennas, high concentration of electromagnetic energy on the targets' locations can be achieved. The performance of this approach is demonstrated by several numerical simulations.


Xuan-Ming Zhong, Cheng Liao, and Wenbin Lin, "Time-Delay-Based Multi-Target Detection and Power Delivering," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 19, 25-38, 2011.


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