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By S. Taravati and A. Abdolali

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A new three dimensional conical ground plane electromagnetic cloak is proposed and designed based on the coordinate transformation of Maxwell's equations. Material parameters of the conical invisible cloak are derived which have simple form and lesser inhomogeneity compared with other 3-dimensional cloaks. Because of convenient form of the constitutive tensors of the conical cloak, we propose a new strategy for homogeneous approximation of the materials of the cloaks. Numerical simulations confirm that approximation with eight slices, is more than enough and this cloak can hide any object on the ground as well as inhomogeneous ones.

S. Taravati and A. Abdolali, "A New Three-Dimensional Conical Ground-Plane Cloak with Homogeneous Materials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 19, 91-104, 2011.

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