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By M. Shabani and M. Akbari

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A new structure is suggested for simultaneous microwave chirped pulse generation and array antenna beam steering. It is based on using a multi-channel fiber Bragg grating in a photonic microwave delay-line filter. The paper presents a feasibility study of the idea, discussing the main performance parameters of both signal generation and beam steering functions. Specifically, it focuses on the effects of wavelength tuning, resolution and accuracy. The study shows that custom off-the-shelf components could be used to implement an all optical system capable of generating chirped pulses while steering the radiation pattern of a small sized antenna array. The advantages of the structure for avoiding single sideband modulation difficulties and also for the compensation of the multichannel fiber Bragg grating inaccuracies are also discussed.

M. Shabani and M. Akbari, "Simultaneous Microwave Chirped Pulse Generation and Antenna Beam Steering," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 22, 137-148, 2012.

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