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By S. Prasad, V. Singh, and A. K. Singh

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The dependence of reflectivity on inhomogeneous plasma density for one dimensional plasma photonic crystal is presented. The exponential varying and linear varying plasma density profiles have been chosen in such a way that the volume average permittivity remains constant. The transfer matrix method is used to derive the dispersion relation and reflectivity of the proposed structures by employing the continuity conditions of electric fields and its derivatives on the interface. The exponential varying plasma density profile gives high reflectivity than the linear varying plasma density profile in all considered cases. Also the exponential varying plasma density profile shows perfect reflection in considered volume average permittivity. This profile may be used in sensor applications or in plasma functional devices.

S. Prasad, V. Singh, and A. K. Singh, "Effect of inhomogeneous plasma density on the reflectivity in one dimensional plasma photonic crystal," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 21, 211-222, 2011.

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