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Controlling the Optical Bistability in a Kobrak-Rice 5-Level Quantum System

By Lida Ebrahimi Zohravi, Rasoul Doostkam, Seyede Masoumeh Mousavi, and Mohammad Mahmoudi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 25, 1-11, 2012


ΛOptical bistability (OB) behavior of a Kobrak-Rice 5-level quantum system is investigated. It is demonstrated that the OB of the system can be controlled by either the intensity or relative phase of driving fields. We have also shown that by applying an incoherent pumping field, the OB behavior of the system changes and the considerable output is obtained for zero input in the gain region induced by incoherent pumping field.


Lida Ebrahimi Zohravi, Rasoul Doostkam, Seyede Masoumeh Mousavi, and Mohammad Mahmoudi, "Controlling the Optical Bistability in a Kobrak-Rice 5-Level Quantum System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 25, 1-11, 2012.


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