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Time-Dependent Nonlinear Theory and Numerical Simulation of 94 GHz Complex Cavity Gyrotron

By Jun Jian Ma, Xiao Fang Zhu, Xiao Lin Jin, Yu Lu Hu, Zhong-Hai Yang, Jian-Qing Li, and Bin Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 25, 141-155, 2012


A time-dependent nonlinear theory for complex cavity gyrotron is presented in this paper. The theory includes generalized telegrapher's equations and electron motion equations, which are deduced in detail. A calculation code for the self-consistent nonlinear beam-wave interaction is developed based on the presented theory. Using the code, a 94 GHz complex cavity gyrotron operating in TE021-TE031 modes is thoroughly studied. Numerical results show that an output power of 180 kW, about 36% efficiency is achieved with a 50 kV, 10 A electron beam at a focused magnetic field of 1.78 T and a beam velocity ratio of 1.65. The results from MAGIC simulation are also given and an output power of 192 kW, 38.4% efficiency is obtained. This tells the agreement with these two simulation codes.


Jun Jian Ma, Xiao Fang Zhu, Xiao Lin Jin, Yu Lu Hu, Zhong-Hai Yang, Jian-Qing Li, and Bin Li, "Time-Dependent Nonlinear Theory and Numerical Simulation of 94 GHz Complex Cavity Gyrotron," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 25, 141-155, 2012.


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