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By A. Capozzoli, G. D'Elia, and P. Vinetti

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Recently, referring to a homogeneous background, a new technique estimating the minimum convex hull of a source/scattering system from the radiated/scattered electromagnetic field data has been presented. In this paper, the approach is extended to the inhomogeneous background case by considering the source/scattering system and the observation domain embedded in two different homogeneous media. The underlying theory has been properly reformulated to account for the refraction phenomenon arising at the electromagnetic discontinuities boundaries by considering a 2D geometry. The performances of the technique have been estimated by means of a numerical analysis whose main representative results are presented and discussed in the paper.

A. Capozzoli, G. D'Elia, and P. Vinetti, "Determination of the Convex Hull of a Radiating System in a Heterogeneous Background," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 27, 41-57, 2012.

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