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By M. Casaletti and S. Maci

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A method is presented for computing aperture-radiated fields in terms of complex-source type beams. These beams are generated in a natural way by expanding the aperture field spectrum in a sum of complex exponentials. The latter are obtained by using the 2D-GPOF method. Inverse transformation in spatial domain leads to an analytical form in terms of complex source points. Fields radiated by apertures obtained via this approach are validated by direct near field integration and compared with those calculated with spectral-based beam expansion which starts from the Hankel spectrum and uses a 1D-GPOF approach.

M. Casaletti and S. Maci, "Aperture Beam Expansion by Using a Spectral 2D-Gpof Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 28, 245-257, 2013.

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