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Multi-Output Least Square Support Vector Machine for the Reconstruction of Perfect Electric Conductor Below Rough Surface

By Ji-Liang Cai, Chuang-Ming Tong, and Wei-Jie Ji
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 30, 117-128, 2013


To save the computation time and improve the accuracy of reconstruction results by support vector machine (SVM), a multi-output least square SVM (LS-SVM) algorithm is proposed to reconstruct the position of a 2-D perfect electric conductor cylinder below a rough surface. Firstly, the scattered electromagnetic field at a number of observation positions is calculated by the method of moment to generate the training and testing data. Then the multi-output LS-SVM is trained to reconstruct the coordinate of the object center. Numerical results show that this approach is accurate and efficient even with some additive Gaussian noise.


Ji-Liang Cai, Chuang-Ming Tong, and Wei-Jie Ji, "Multi-Output Least Square Support Vector Machine for the Reconstruction of Perfect Electric Conductor Below Rough Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 30, 117-128, 2013.


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