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By D. M. N. Elsheakh and E. A. Abdallah

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Simple internal multiband monopole antenna with low SAR for most of wireless mobile communication applications is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna is a unequal arms monopole antenna with a meander strip in the other substrate side. The antenna has a simple structure and is sufficiently small in size to be easily fit on the housing of mobile or USB dongle with size 18 × 15 × 0.8 mm3. The antenna is designed to operate at multi-bands to occupy most of allocated wireless communication devices by using high frequency structure simulator ver. 13 (HFSS). The proposed antenna has acceptable gain and efficiency while providing broadside radiation pattern that covers the horizontal plane. The antenna design and experimental results are in agreement. Moreover, the specific absorption rate (SAR) in the human head is investigated by CST 2012 Microwave Studio Hugo Voxel Model.

D. M. N. Elsheakh and E. A. Abdallah, "Design of Low SAR Planar Monopole Antenna for Mobile Wireless Communication Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 137-149, 2013.

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