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Accurate and Fast Extraction of the Bloch Eigenmodes of Fiber Gratings

By Amir M. Jazayeri
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 34, 29-37, 2014


Based on Bloch-Floquet's theorem and ordinary matrix calculations, a rigorous method for extraction of the eigenmodes of fiber gratings is developed. This method is also applicable to fiber gratings which are either physically multilayer or mathematically divided into layers along the radial coordinate. Although the well-known coupled mode theory (CMT) is accounted a method for extraction of the coefficients of reflection and transmission of finite-length FBGs, its inadequacy for extraction of the Bloch eigenmodes of FBGs is illustrated, even if the modulation depth of refractive index is small and the Bragg condition is satisfied.


Amir M. Jazayeri, "Accurate and Fast Extraction of the Bloch Eigenmodes of Fiber Gratings," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 34, 29-37, 2014.


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