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By M. A. Rabah, M. Abri, J. Tao, and T. H. Vuong

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In this paper, a rigorous and accurate numerical two-dimensional modeling finite element method 2D-FEM is applied to the analysis and design of substrate integrated waveguide components. The finite element method represents an excellent tool for the analysis and design since it easily allows taking into account all details of each device. The advantages of this method have been proved with the successful design of two SIW waveguide topologies operating in [8-12] GHz and [10.7-12.75] GHz respectively for X-band and Ku-band applications employed in satellite communications. In order to validate the proposed method, a comparison is made between the FEM method implemented in Matlab and CST Microwave Studio® software. Agreements between the finite element method data and the CST software results were achieved. The obtained results show the effectiveness of this method to analyze such types of guides.

M. A. Rabah, M. Abri, J. Tao, and T. H. Vuong, "Substrate Integrated Waveguide Design Using the Two Dimentionnal Finite Element Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 35, 21-30, 2014.

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