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By J. Zhang, J. Hu, Y. Gao, R. Zhan, and Q. Zhai

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In optical region, the scattering center model is very useful in scattering analysis, target recognition and data compression. The method based on Hough transformation performs well in most cases. However, the algorithm extracts the scattering centers one by one via a clean method, which is time consuming. To solve this problem, a novel method is proposed in this paper to extract the scattering centers. By searching the estimated 1D scattering centers, the candidate positions for 3D scattering centers are extracted. Then the candidates are discriminated by a clustering based procedure. By employing the new algorithm, the 3D scattering centers can be extracted simply and the clean step is unnecessary, which makes the procedure efficient. The experiment results of the high-frequency-electro-magnetic data demonstrate the performance of the proposed method.

J. Zhang, J. Hu, Y. Gao, R. Zhan, and Q. Zhai, "Three-Dimensional Scattering Centers Extraction of Radar Targets Using High Resolution Techniques," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 37, 127-137, 2014.

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