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By C. B. De Paula, D. C. do Nascimento, and I. Bianchi

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This paper presents a computationally efficient technique for designing electrically thick differentially-driven rectangular microstrip antennas with coaxial probe feed. It concerns the use of a transmission line model for probe positioning, along with a full-wave field simulator that yields accurate results with reduced number of required full-wave simulations. An electrically thick antenna was designed with the proposed technique to operate at 2442 MHz, having its radiation patterns and input impedance measured and compared against a single-feed rectangular microstrip antenna to demonstrate the advantages of using differential feed to reduce cross-polarization in H-plane.

C. B. De Paula, D. C. do Nascimento, and I. Bianchi, "An Efficient Technique for Design of Electrically Thick Differentially-Driven Probe-Fed Microstrip Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 37-44, 2014.

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