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By L. Wang, A. M. Al-Jumaily, and R. Simpkin

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Biomedical imaging has played an important role in identifying and monitoring the effectiveness of the current state of the art treatments for many diseases. The authors recently proposed a novel single-transmitter-multiple-receiver holographic microwave imaging (HMI) technique for imaging small inclusion embedded in a dielectric object which has potential application in medical diagnostics. HMI image quality depends highly on the antenna baseline difference, in order words, the antenna array configuration. Different antenna arrays produce different quality of dielectric images by using HMI imaging algorithm. This paper investigates the antenna array configurations effect on image quality by using HMI imaging approach. Three configurations including spiral, random and regularly spaced arrays are presented in this paper. Both simulated and experimental results are obtained and compared to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of antenna arrays to the HMI technique. The results show that the proposed spiral and random array configurations have an ability to produce high-resolution images at significantly lower costs than regularly spaced arrays.

L. Wang, A. M. Al-Jumaily, and R. Simpkin, "Investigation of Antenna Array Configurations Using Far-Field Holographic Microwave Imaging Technique," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 42, 1-11, 2015.

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