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By W. Zhao, L. Chen, G. Liu, and J. Ji

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The thermal characteristic of a new out-rotor fault-tolerant permanent-magnet (FTPM) motor is modeled and predicted in this paper. Flow characteristics and thermal characteristics of this FTPM motor are calculated by using computational fluid dynamics method. The key is that an equivalent model is developed to replace the real motor, offering the merits of simplified meshing progress and convenient thermal calculation. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the developed equivalent model has been verified by simulation and experiment. In addition, the temperature distribution of the entire motor is given by using equivalent models. The results can be provided to improve motor thermal performance.

W. Zhao, L. Chen, G. Liu, and J. Ji, "Computational Fluid Dynamics Thermal Prediction of Fault-Tolerant Permanent-Magnet Motor Using a Simplified Equivalent Model," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 42, 199-209, 2015.

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