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Scattering of Light by the Metal-Coated Dielectric Nanocylinders with Angular Periodicity

By Vakhtang Jandieri, Kiyotoshi Yasumoto, Yunfei Liu, and Jaromir Pistora
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 45, 101-111, 2016


Scattering of light by metal-coated dielectric nanocylinders periodically distributed along a cylindrical surface is investigated both theoretically and numerically. The structure is under the authors' interest because of its practical application in design and fabrication of plasmonic devices such as plasmonic ring resonators, Plasmonic Crystals and THz waveguides. The method is based on the T-matrix approach and the field expansion into the cylindrical Floquet modes. The method is rigorous, straightforward and can be easily applied to various cylindrical configurations with different types and locations of the excitation sources. Scattering cross section and absorption cross section of three and four silver (Ag) coated-dielectric nanocylinders periodically situated along a cylindrical surface are studied. Near field distributions are investigated at particular wavelengths corresponding to the resonance wavelengths in the spectral responses. Special attention is paid to the unique and interesting phenomena characterizing the cylindrical structure composed of the metalcoated nanocylinders such as: a) localization of the field at the outer and inner interfaces of the metal-coated nanocylinders; b) excitement of the field in the gap region between the nanocylinders through the coupled plasmon resonance and c) strong confinement of the field inside the cylindrical structure. Detailed investigations have shown that unique phenomena characterizing the cylindrical configurations of the nanocylinders can be realized using a relatively simple structure composed of three nanocylinders and there is no need to further increase a number of the scatterers (nanocylinders).


Vakhtang Jandieri, Kiyotoshi Yasumoto, Yunfei Liu, and Jaromir Pistora, "Scattering of Light by the Metal-Coated Dielectric Nanocylinders with Angular Periodicity," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 45, 101-111, 2016.


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