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Fast Algorithm of Wideband Electromagnetic Scattering of Homogeneous Dielectric Targets

By Bo Zhao, Shu-Xi Gong, Xing Wang, and Yu Zhang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 45, 83-90, 2016


The PMCHWT-IE-FFT-BURA is applied to the wideband analysis of electromagnetic scattering property of homogeneous targets. Over the broad frequency band, the fast computation is achieved by the Maehly expansion on the basis of the Chebyshev approximation of the electric and magnetic currents. On the Chebyshev sampling points, PMCHWT-IE-FFT greatly reduces the memory requirement by sparsely storing the impedance matrix and decreases the computational time to the greatest degree by block acceleration of the matrix-vector product. Finally, numerical results show that the proposed method can make efficient analysis of wideband property of homogeneous targets without sacrificing accuracy much.


Bo Zhao, Shu-Xi Gong, Xing Wang, and Yu Zhang, "Fast Algorithm of Wideband Electromagnetic Scattering of Homogeneous Dielectric Targets," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 45, 83-90, 2016.


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