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By T. Rahimi, S. H. Hosseini, M. Sabahi, and R. Shalchi Alishah

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High reliability and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) are two important factors for many industrial applications such as air based electric transport system charger (AETSC). Therefore, it is essential to introduce high reliability and low EMI power converters. This paper presents a new high reliability and low current ripple DC-DC converter. For the proposed converter, a spectrum analysis approach for suppressing the EMI using chaotic sinusoidal pulse width modulation is provided. In addition, the proposed converter has radio frequency (RF) EMI lower than 100 kHz. However, for higher than 100 kHz, EMI issue of the proposed converter has unsuitable situation.

T. Rahimi, S. H. Hosseini, M. Sabahi, and R. Shalchi Alishah, "EMI Consideration of High Reliability DC-DC Converter: in Aerospace Based Electric Transport System Charger Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 46, 125-133, 2016.

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