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The Cherenkov Emission in Regular and Random Photonic Crystals

By Gennadiy Burlak and Erika Martinez-Sanchez
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 47, 77-86, 2016


We systematically study the Cherenkov optical emission by a nonrelativistic charge uniformly moving in parallel to surface of a photonic crystal by the FDTD simulations. It is found that a near-static structure of field oscillations produced by a discontinuity of dielectric permittivity in the surface of photonic lattice is generated. Such oscillations have large amplitude in the Cherenkov group cone and generate a number of well defined spectral resonances corresponding to eigenmodes of the photonic grid. The dynamics and field properties in photonic lattice with random vacancies are investigated too. It is found that even at medium level of a random perturbation the field shape shows the structural stability of the Cherenkov emission field in a photonic crystal.


Gennadiy Burlak and Erika Martinez-Sanchez, "The Cherenkov Emission in Regular and Random Photonic Crystals," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 47, 77-86, 2016.


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