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By L. Ez-Zariy, Z. Hricha, and A. Belafhal

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In this work, a novel family of Finite Airy array beams have been produced by an optical Airy transform system illuminated by Gaussian Array beams. Based on the generalized Huygens- Fresnel integral, an analytical expression is developed to describe the pattern properties of the beam generated at the output plan of the optical system. The well-known Finite Airy beam generated from the fundamental Gaussian beam using an optical Airy transform system is deduced, here, as a particular case of the main result of the actual study. Numerical calculations are performed to show the possibility to create a multitude of Finite Airy array beams with controllable parameters depending on the number of beamlets, the distance between the adjacent modules and the positions and orientations of the beamlets.

L. Ez-Zariy, Z. Hricha, and A. Belafhal, "Novel Finite Airy Array Beams Generated from Gaussian Array Beams Illuminating an Optical Airy Transform System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 49, 41-50, 2016.

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