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By V. A. Fono and L. Talbi

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A deterministic model based on ray tracing and dealing with periodic roughness is developed, for an indoor radio propagation channel and experimentally validated at a frequency of 10 GHz. Two different scenarios are studied, namely a smooth corridor and a corridor having artificial periodic roughness. The periodic roughness consists of a set of conductive semi-cylinders attached to the corridor sidewalls. Two different antenna setups are considered during the measurements, horn-horn antennas and patch-patch antennas, in transmitter-receiver configurations. Excellent agreement is achieved in terms of the received powers versus distance and the power delay profiles. The signal fading is analyzed. The statistical parameters are also generated, and a fair agreement is observed between the simulation and measurement results.

V. A. Fono and L. Talbi, "Modeling the Effect of Periodic Wall Roughness on the Indoor Radio Propagation Channel," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 49, 167-179, 2016.

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