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By Y.-K. Zhu, M.-H. Yang, L. Wu, Y. Sun, and X.-W. Sun

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Security detection is becoming extremely important with the growing threat of terrorism in recent years. An effective millimeter-wave (mmw) holographic imaging system is presented in this paper, which can be applied in nondestructive detection such as security detection in airport or other public locations. The imaging algorithm is an extension of the work before as it takes the decay of the amplitude with range into account. The experiment result of an imaging system working at 28-33 GHz frequencies indicates good quality of the algorithm.

Y.-K. Zhu, M.-H. Yang, L. Wu, Y. Sun, and X.-W. Sun, "Millimeter-Wave Holographic Imaging Algorithm with Amplitude Corrections," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 49, 33-39, 2016.

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