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By J. J. Perez-Loya and C. U. Lundin

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We have developed a simple method to calculate the axial force between concentric thin walled solenoids. To achieve this, we mapped the force between them as a function of their geometrical relations based on separation to diameter ratios. This resulted in an equation and a set of data. We used them together to calculate the axial forces between two coaxial thin walled solenoids. With this method, direct evaluation of elliptical integrals was circumvented, and the forces were obtained with a simple expression. The results were validated against existing semi-analytical solutions and measurements of force between high coercivity permanent magnets.

J. J. Perez-Loya and C. U. Lundin, "Simple Method to Calculate the Force Between Thin Walled Solenoids," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 51, 93-100, 2016.

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