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By L. Gui, C. Zhou, X. Tian, F. Yang, and Y. J. Zhang

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Multilayered dielectric rods are widely used, and the analysis of their electromagnetic scattering properties is very important in practical design. Based on our former work on the single layer dielectric rod forest, the equivalent microwave network method (EMN) is applied to analyse the concentric and eccentric multilayered dielectric rods in this article. The key step is to obtain the reflection matrix of the multilayered dielectric. Based on the EMN method, the electromagnetic scattering properties of a novel electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structure are calculated. The EBG structure is formed by periodically embedding multilayered dielectric rods into the original dielectric between power/ground planes. The accuracy and efficiency of the EMN method are verified by comparing with the simulation results by the FIT simulator CST. In addition, the EMN method takes about 1 minute to obtain the results, while the simulator takes nearly 20 hours with the same computer.

L. Gui, C. Zhou, X. Tian, F. Yang, and Y. J. Zhang, "Efficient Analysis of Multilayered Dielectric Rods by Equivalent Microwave Network Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 53, 89-98, 2017.

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