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The Two-Slit Interference of Vector Optical Fields with Both Radially and Azimuthally Variant States of Polarization

By Tengyue Gao, Chaoyang Qian, Xiaoyu Zhang, and Rui Pin Chen
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 54, 75-82, 2017


The interference behaviors of a vector optical field with both radially and azimuthally variant states of polarization (SoP) through the Young's two-slits are theoretically studied. The optical field distribution with periodic stripes in the far field results from the interference of the vector optical field through the Young's two-slits with different initial SoP distributions. It is found that the far-field distribution can be manipulated by the incident vector optical field with the initial phase and SoP distributions. Particularly, the distribution of radially-variant SoP in the cross-section of the incident optical field provides an additional freedom to control the interference patterns of the x-component, y-component and total intensity distribution in far field. This approach provides a new method to further expand the functionality of an optical system by considering the distribution of SoP in field cross-section.


Tengyue Gao, Chaoyang Qian, Xiaoyu Zhang, and Rui Pin Chen, "The Two-Slit Interference of Vector Optical Fields with Both Radially and Azimuthally Variant States of Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 54, 75-82, 2017.


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