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Feed Matching Improvement for Center Fed Reflectarray

By Muhammad M. Tahseen and Ahmed A. Kishk
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 54, 67-74, 2017


Standing wave between the feed and the reflectarray (RA) deteriorates the matching and antenna gain. A phase perturbation method is investigated to improve the matching of the antenna. The proposed method requires a change or deformation of the RA area facing the feed. A small circularly polarized reflectarray (CPRA) is used as an example. The reflectarray size is 6.25λ×6.25λ, which is corresponding to 25×25 elements. The feed is circularly polarized (CP) with aperture diameter 1.2×λ. The proposed method provides an acceptable compromise between achieving the matching and gain reduction. The field distribution on the symmetric line between the RA center and the feed is observed to show the behavior of the standing wave before and after implementing the proposed technique. The measured return loss becomes better than 10 dB, and a gain reduction is 0.2 dB. A measured maximum aperture efficiency of 55.4%, a 1-dB gain bandwidth of better than 33%, and the 1.5-dB axial ratio bandwidth of 33.2% are achieved.


Muhammad M. Tahseen and Ahmed A. Kishk, "Feed Matching Improvement for Center Fed Reflectarray," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 54, 67-74, 2017.


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