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By S. Daoudi, F. Benabdelaziz, C. Zebiri, and D. Sayad

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In this work, a new analytical matrix formulation approach for the characterization of a microwave planar structure printed on a complex medium is detailed. The approach is based on the Generalized Exponential Matrix Technique (GEMT) combined with the Method of Moments (MoM)and Galerkin's procedure. The mathematical calculation development is a robust approach that exclusively uses matrix formulations starting from Maxwell's equations until the derivation of a compact form of the Green's tensor of the studied structure. Reduced complexity and calculation simplicity foundation of the applied approach have actually incited the authors to consider the case study of a complex bianisotropic lossy chiral substrate medium. The complexity of the medium is expressed by full tensors form of all four constitutive parameters: permittivity, permeability and magnetoelectric parameters, each is represented by a nine-element tensor. To investigate the electromagnetic behavior of complex media, results of particular bianisotropy cases are presented and discussed. Original results of the biaxial chiral anisotropy case are carried out, discussed and compared with data available in literature.

S. Daoudi, F. Benabdelaziz, C. Zebiri, and D. Sayad, "Generalized Exponential Matrix Technique Application for the Evaluation of the Dispersion Characteristics of a Chiro-Ferriteshielded Multilayered Microstrip Line," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 61, 1-14, 2017.

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