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Analytical Solution of Metal Nanowires at Visible and Near-Infrared Wavelength

By Zhong Wang, Xiaopan Cao, Aning Ma, Yuee Li, and Qingguo Zhou
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 63, 47-58, 2018


Metal nanowires have drawn much attention due to the highly confined electromagnetic waves and relatively low propagation loss. With the increasing application potentials, we desire deeper insight into the mode behavior guided by metal nanowires for routing and controlling SPPs modes. Here, we apply the analytical solution for analyzing SPPs modes of metal nanowires. Single mode propagation condition and modes number are studied based on the analytical model. A universal formula of field diameters for all guided modes is presented, and mode field diameters are investigated. Finally, the intensity profiles of allowed guided modes are studied for specific dimensions.


Zhong Wang, Xiaopan Cao, Aning Ma, Yuee Li, and Qingguo Zhou, "Analytical Solution of Metal Nanowires at Visible and Near-Infrared Wavelength," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 63, 47-58, 2018.


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