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By B. N. Balarami Reddy, P. Sandeep Kumar, T. Rama Rao, N. Tiwari, and M. Balachary

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Compact wideband flexible monopole antennas are designed and analyzed for its performance for Body Centric Wireless Communications (BCWC). Two antennas with identical radiators on different substrates are designed and fabricated on polyamide and teslin paper substrates, deployinga modified rectangle-shaped radiator. With the aid of modifications in the radiating plane and defecting the ground plane, the polyamide based antenna is designed to operate between 1.8 and 13.3 GHz, and teslin paper based antenna is designed to operate between 1.45 and 13.4 GHz to cover the wireless communication technology frequencies and ultra-wideband range for various wireless applications. The reflection coefficient characteristics of the fabricated antennas on free space and on various sites of the body are measured and match reasonably well with the simulated reflection coefficient characteristics. The specific absorption rate (SAR) analysis is also carried out by placing the antennas on tissue layered model.

B. N. Balarami Reddy, P. Sandeep Kumar, T. Rama Rao, N. Tiwari, and M. Balachary, "Design and Analysis of Wideband Monopole Antennas for Flexible/Wearable Wireless Device Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 62, 167-174, 2017.

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