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By Y. N. Jurn, M. F. Abdul Malek, and H. A. Rahim

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This paper aims to present two types of carbon nanotubes composite materials (CNTs-composite) for antenna applications within terahertz (THz) frequency band. These composite materials consist of CNTs coated by copper and silver, separately, to construct CNTs-copper and CNTs-silver composite materials, respectively. The comparisons between the dipole antennas of these structure materials with CNTs dipole antenna and copper dipole antenna are presented to exhibit performance evaluation of the presented new dipole antennas. The mathematical modeling of CNTs-composite material is presented in this paper. The results obtained from the comparisons CNTs-copper and CNTs-silver dipole antennas are presented based on S11 parameters, gain and efficiency.

Y. N. Jurn, M. F. Abdul Malek, and H. A. Rahim, "Carbon Nanotubes Composite Materials for Dipole Antennas at Terahertz Range," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 66, 11-18, 2018.

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