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By D. Higashi, H. Deguchi, and M. Tsuji

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This paper presents low cross-polarization single-layer reflectarray elements for dualpolarization use. These elements have an omega-shaped symmetrical structure to realize the crosspolarization reduction and also provide parallel linear reflection-phase properties with almost the same slop characteristics for the frequency, thereby achieving the desirable reflection phase range more than 360˚ over the wide frequency range. To verify effectiveness of the proposed elements, a reflectarray antenna with an offset feed is constructed by them, and wideband frequency characteristics are also confirmed at Ku-band numerically and experimentally.

D. Higashi, H. Deguchi, and M. Tsuji, "Omega-Shaped Geometries of Reflectarray Resonant Elements with Low Cross-Polarization for Wideband and Dual-Polarization Use," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 63, 217-225, 2018.

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