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By J. Li and X. Feng

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The basic wave types of electromagnetic field propagation in anisotropic media are obtained. Based on the orthogonality relation between the vector wave functions and the orthogonality of trigonometric functions, etc., the expressions of zero order scattering fields and first-order scattered fields of arbitrary electromagnetic beam are presented. A stochastic system identification model for electromagnetic beam scattering by anisotropic particles is established. In the S wave band, the relationships respectively between the scattering field expansion coefficients, the basic wave types of the particle field and the tensor of dielectric constant are studied, and their validity of the model is verified. Taking the elliptical Gaussian beam as an example, the beam scattering characteristics of anisotropic media particles are investigated. The used method is simple, exploring a new approach of researching the electromagnetic beam scattering characteristics from anisotropic medium targets.

J. Li and X. Feng, "Characteristics of Scattering for Anisotropic Particles in Photoelectric Electromagnetic Beam," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 66, 41-52, 2018.

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