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By J. Leveque, M. Hinaje, K. Berger, and M. Panfilov

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This paper deals with the calculation of electric field in a copper piece of cubic shape which is submitted to a sinusoidal magnetic field. This 3D problem is set into equation and solved by means of two different approaches. A stochastic method for 3-D electric field computations is presented and compared to a finite element method. The main goal of this paper is to compare these two methods on a classical problem putting forward the advantages of the chosen method. First of all, we present the problem modelling. Then, the Monte-Carlo method used to solve 3D time dependent problem is described and is compared to the finite element method, in the last part.

J. Leveque, M. Hinaje, K. Berger, and M. Panfilov, "3D Computation of Electric Field by a Stochastic Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 67, 119-128, 2018.

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