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By N. Salim, H. J. Abd, A. N. Aljamal, and A. H. Jaber

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In this work, a new technique in suppressing the effect of four-wave mixing (FWM) by Odd-Even Channels Arrangement (OEC) is presented. The proposed technique is verified mathematically and by simulations with other recent techniques which are input power and channel spacing under the same input parameters. Simulation was done with the power variation effect, and the bit rate was 100 Gb\s. Based on theoretical and simulation analyses, FWM power was drastically reduced by more than 10 dB when OEC was conducted. In terms of system performance, OEC offered better performance than previous techniques in both theoretical and simulation analyses.

N. Salim, H. J. Abd, A. N. Aljamal, and A. H. Jaber, "Four-Wave Mixing Suppression Method Based on Odd-Even Channels Arrangement Strategy," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 66, 163-172, 2018.

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