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By E. Zochmann, G. Artner, S. Pratschner, M. Lerch, C. F. Mecklenbraeuker, and M. Rupp

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Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is measured as reflector material for millimeter waves at 60 GHz. Reflectivity is measured to characterize material anisotropy in a mono-static setup. Disc shaped material samples are rotated in steps of one degree. Four commonly employed CFRP are investigated: unidirectional fibers, plain-weave, twill-weave and fiber shreds. Results show that the unidirectional CFRP and twill-weave CFRP are anisotropic, while the remaining materials are isotropic within measurement accuracy.

E. Zochmann, G. Artner, S. Pratschner, M. Lerch, C. F. Mecklenbraeuker, and M. Rupp, "Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer with Isotropic 60 GHz Reflectivity," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 67, 1-8, 2018.

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