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By V. A. H. Libi Mol and C. K. Aanandan

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This paper presents a combinatorial triangle type artificial magnetic conductor checkerboard surface for wideband radar cross section reduction. The structure consists of a combination of a single band and dual band AMC unit cells with 180±370 phase difference from 4.06 GHZ to 11.2 GHz. 10 dB RCS reduction compared to PEC surface is realized from 4.4 GHz to 11.68 GHz (91%) for the proposed structure. The performance of the structure is compared with the conventional checkerboard surface. The distribution of scattered fields from both the structures are analyzed using array theory. The angular stability of the structures are also studied for TE and TM polarized wave incidences. A prototype of the proposed structure is fabricated, and the measured data are in good agreement with simulated results.

V. A. H. Libi Mol and C. K. Aanandan, "Wideband Radar Cross Section Reduction Using Artificial Magnetic Conductor Checkerboard Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 69, 171-183, 2018.

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