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By L. Zhang, F. Wang, T. Wang, X.-Y. Cao, M. S. Chen, and X.-L. Wu

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A main defect of far-field (FF) measurement techniques is long measurement time, which often leads to the problem of inefficient use of measurement facilities that is a strong limiting factor in many measurements. To solve this problem, in this study, we propose a technique to accelerate the antenna measurement that is achieved by sparse test results in the FF measurement system. In the data processing part of the measurement, the concept of the quadrature analog-to-information conversion (QAIC), which make the approach both efficient and easy to implement in existing FF measurement facilities, is discussed. Simulations are provided to show this low-speed uniform sampling approach. The proposed strategy is then applied to measure the pattern of a standard rectangular horn antenna in an anechoic chamber. The experimental results demonstrate that our technique can reduce the measuring time by at least 34.4% while guaranteeing the measurement accuracy. These results demonstrate the potentials of the method.

L. Zhang, F. Wang, T. Wang, X.-Y. Cao, M. S. Chen, and X.-L. Wu, "Fast Antenna Far-Field Measurement for Sparse Sampling Technology," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 72, 145-152, 2018.

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