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By M. Zhang, Y. Xiong, L. T. Wang, S.-H. Zhao, L. Gong, H. Li, J. Xing, and M. He

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In this paper, a stub-loaded penta-mode resonator (PMR) with its analysis, characterization and applications for bandpass filter (BPF) is presented. Even-/odd-mode analysis method is employed to analyze the PMR which exhibits five transmission poles (TPs) and three inherent transmission zeros (TZs). By changing the dimension parameters of the resonator, TPs and TZs can be flexibly controlled, and wideband/dual-wideband/tri-band BPF has been designed successfully utilizing the same configuration. For validation, all these three filters are fabricated and measured, and the measured results are in good agreement with the simulated ones.

M. Zhang, Y. Xiong, L. T. Wang, S.-H. Zhao, L. Gong, H. Li, J. Xing, and M. He, "Design of Wideband/Dual-Wideband/Tri-Band BPF Based on a Penta-Mode Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 72, 135-143, 2018.

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