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By A. Ramli, A. Ismail, R. S. A. Raja Abdullah, M. A. Mahdi, and A. R. H. Al-Hawari

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In this article, a negative index metamaterial (NIM) superstrate is designed and cooperated with the filtenna to produce miniaturize communication front end for gain enhancement without any substantial increase in the profile of the whole structure. A finite array Double H Split Ring (DHSR) of 11x9 unit cells has been designed on a dielectric substrate to form the NIM metamaterial superstrate. The proposed superstrates and filtenna have an overall dimension of 0.67λox0.54λox1.19λo at 10.16 GHz with 10.6 dB total broadside gain in simulation and 9.8 dB in measurement at 10.22 GHz (λo = 30 mm). This miniaturized communication front end which consists of a filter, an antenna and a gain enhancer affords smaller size with the overall volume of 0.43λo3 in the context of using metamaterial superstrate for gain enhancement reported in the earlier literatures.

A. Ramli, A. Ismail, R. S. A. Raja Abdullah, M. A. Mahdi, and A. R. H. Al-Hawari, "Miniaturize Negative Index Metamaterial Structure Loaded Filtenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 72, 97-104, 2018.

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