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By A. Attalhaoui, H. Bezzout, E. H. El Ouardy, M. Hanna, M. Habibi, and H. El Faylali

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In this paper, we propose a simulation model of electromagnetic waves propagation in media with different kinds of dispersions. This model exploits the dependence of the polarization current density and the voltage electric in the context of the Transmission Line Matrix method with the Symmetrical Condensed Node (SCN-TLM) and novel voltage sources. By solving Maxwell's and polarization current density equations, the proposed model, named JE-TLM, gives a full solution of Maxwell's equations and polarization terms which describe the Lorentz linear dispersion, nonlinear instantaneous Kerr and retarded Raman effects. The scattering matrix characterizing the SCN with the new voltage sources is provided, and the numerical results are compared with those of the literature or with the theoretical ones.

A. Attalhaoui, H. Bezzout, E. H. El Ouardy, M. Hanna, M. Habibi, and H. El Faylali, "Modeling of Optical Pulse Propagation in Kerr and Raman Nonlinear Dispersive Media Using JE-TLM Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 72, 69-77, 2018.

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