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By A. F. Elshafey and M. A. Abdalla

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In this paper, a high power, air suspended stripline (SSL) T junction power divider at L band microwave frequencies is introduced. The power divider operating frequency is centered at 1.3 GHz. In this new configuration, the only dielectric used is air to have maximum power handling capability. An excitation transition from coaxial cable to the SSL transmission line is explained. The SSL was fabricated using alumi-num sheets to gain the advantage of low cost. The power divider design was validated using circuit and 3D full wave simulations and confirmed using experimental measurements with all agreements. It has been proved that the power divider attenuation has sharp rejection characteristic at the designed frequency (-20 dB at 1.3 GHz). The power divider can be used as a feeder for devices used in high power applications.

A. F. Elshafey and M. A. Abdalla, "Low Loss High Power Air Suspended Stripline Power Divider for High Power Division Sub-Systems Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 73, 153-162, 2018.

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