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By L. Jing, J. Chen, Z. Huang, and J. Gong

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This paper presents an exact analytical method to compute the air-gap magnetic field of surface-mounted permanent-magnet (SMPM) motors for evaluating slotting effects accurately. Solution field regions are divided into air-gap domain, permanent magnet (PM) domain, and slot domains. The Laplace's equations or Poisson's equations of the sub-domains are contacted by boundary conditions and then solved by exact analytical method. The actual height of slot and distance between slots are taken into account in the computation. Magnetic field distributions and cogging torque computed with the proposed analytical method are compared with those issued from 2-D finite-element method (FEM), and the comparison results are consistent and show the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed analytical method.

L. Jing, J. Chen, Z. Huang, and J. Gong, "Exact Analytical Method for Air-Gap Main Magnetic Field Computation and Cogging Torque of SMPM Motors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 81, 75-84, 2019.

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