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By Y. M. Penkin, V. A. Katrich, M. V. Nesterenko, S. L. Berdnik, and S. V. Pshenichnaya

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The problem of impedance synthesis of two-dimensional diffraction arrays of thin linear vibrators, whose geometric centers are located at the nodes of a flat rectangular grid with double periodicity is solved analytically. The problem is formulated as follows: the complex surface impedances of the vibrators should be determined which allows to steer the diffraction radiation maximum of the array to any predefined direction. The problem is solved under following assumptions: array is excited by a polarized plane wave, and the radiation pattern (RP) of each vibrator element in the array coincides with that of an isolated radiator. The correctness of the solution is verified by simulations using the formulas for the vibrator impedances for the 5 by 5 antenna array.

Y. M. Penkin, V. A. Katrich, M. V. Nesterenko, S. L. Berdnik, and S. V. Pshenichnaya, "Impedance Synthesis of Plane Diffraction Vibrator Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 89, 31-41, 2020.

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