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Singular Points Meshing Direct Method for Computing the Chaff Radar Cross Section

By Chuan Yin, Pengquan Zhang, and Zhonghai Zhang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 89, 131-139, 2020


An applicable and convenient method is critical for calculating the RCS (Radar Cross Sections) of chaff clouds. An improved method based on direct method [18] is proposed in this paper to promote efficiency, which is called SPMDM (Singular Points Meshing Direct Method). The tanh-sinh method is applied in SPMDM to compute the complex singular function in which the integral domain is meshed by the singular points. The practicability and accuracy of the SPMDM are confirmed through comparison with direct method. Results indicate that the SPMDM can significantly decrease calculation time and increase computing efficiency, especially in large-scale case or small relative error region.


Chuan Yin, Pengquan Zhang, and Zhonghai Zhang, "Singular Points Meshing Direct Method for Computing the Chaff Radar Cross Section," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 89, 131-139, 2020.


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