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By J.-Q. Fan, Y. Li, and Y. Pan

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The electromagnetic circumstance of the small-room of substation turns to be more complex with the increase of the voltage level of the power grid. In this paper, a physical model for protective small-room of substation on the basis of the random plane wave hypothesis and wave-chaotic approach is constructed to get the scattering parameters, combining the Random Coupling Model (RCM) to deduce inducted voltage of coaxial cable terminal and making statistical analysis and prediction for electromagnetic quantity coupled to the cable terminal. The results of simulation by FEKO show the validity of the method introduced in this paper, which provides a guidance for the electromagnetic protection in the protective small-room.

J.-Q. Fan, Y. Li, and Y. Pan, "Analysing of Electromagnetic Coupling Effects of Cables in Protective Small-Room of Substation Based on the Random Coupling Model," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 91, 91-100, 2020.

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